Since 2015, Tetchy Tech Has Purchased Thousands of Pre-Owned Apple  Devices From People Just Like You!
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We Make It Possible For You To Give The Full Value Of Your Device To A Nonprofit Serving Our Community –
Encouraging People Like You To Recycle & Make A Difference By Giving To These Amazing Organizations!

'Give Back' Participants

For Summer 2017, Tetchy Tech Is Happy To Make It Possible For You To ‘Give Back’ To These Amazing Community Organizations.
Click On Their Logo Below To Learn More About These Participants.


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Getting Devices Back Into the Technology Eco-System Is Our Mission!

Tetchy Tech pays premium prices for used smartphones, smartwatches, media players, and similar devices. After we make an offer on a device and receive it at our facility, we inspect, restore, certify, and provision them to meet our buyer or recycler requirements. The Tetchy Tech platform is fast, intuitive, and easy to use.

Our collective efforts and enthusiasm about changing the way we retire our old technology will have a profound impact on the world, but it will only happen if you help in our cause. Together we can do great things, so go find that old device that has been collecting dust and get started today! We look forward to working with you.


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