Tetchy Tech is committed to keeping the process of Corporate Buyback simple, saving you time and money. We base our process on transparency and security; allowing you to see the whole picture. You’ll also be supporting local charities that we work with through our Give Back Program!

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Tetchy Tech Corporate Buyback Program


Through our competitive buyback pricing in the wireless industry, Tetchy Tech can add value to your company’s bottom line and save you time so you can focus on running your business. Whether your company has older devices that are broken, or newer devices that are only months old, Tetchy Tech is able to buy them and make sure they are recycled or sold again in a responsible manner.

How do we do it?

When a company decides it’s time for an upgrade, there are typically a large number of devices that are being retired in favor of new technology. Because Tetchy Tech can save time and money by not acquiring each device individually, we are able to offer a company a significantly higher price for their old devices than we would be otherwise be able to via our traditional consumer buyback method.

How does it work?

Tetchy Tech is committed to keeping it simple:

To kick off our process, we ask that our clients provide us with some details including the number of units, model types, and a best guess as to the functional status of them: working or broken? The more detail that we are provided with, the better prepared we will be to give you an initial estimate of what your payout will look like.

Tetchy Tech is committed to providing transparency:

Let Tetchy Tech do the work in diagnosing, testing, and providing a complete and thorough report of the models, functional status, and value of your devices. Upon completion, we will send it to you for review and answer any questions you may have. Upon review and approval, we will issue you a payment via the method of your choice the same day.

Tetchy Tech can also help with procurement:

Buy your new ones from us! Gone are the days where you have to sell your devices to one company, and then find another company to buy your new ones from. Tetchy Tech keeps thousands of devices with a wide range of models in stock on a daily basis. 

Tell us your needs and how your devices will be used and we will provide you with honest feedback about what we think would best suit your company’s needs. Through our expertise and knowledge, we can guide you in the right direction and make sure you are not overspending on devices that you don’t need. We won’t try to upsell you, because we have no incentive to. We don’t work on commission, but we do work to make sure your needs are being met and you understand your various options.

Why should I choose to work with Tetchy Tech to dispose of my company’s old devices?

We will handle your data in a sensitive matter:

All devices traded in to us go through a strict process of data sanitization. We ensure that the devices are fully wiped and restored to factory settings prior to re-selling the devices back in a socially responsible manner. 

You’ll save time:

Let Tetchy Tech do the bulk of the work by testing, diagnosing, and evaluating your old devices. A company should be focused on its core business and operations, and not distracted by trying to liquidate old technology and find a way to dispose of it.

Give back to the community:

At the core of Tetchy Tech’s business model, is a pledge to give back to the community. Through Tetchy Tech’s Give Back Programwe have pledged to give back 5% of the value of all consumer trade-ins on our website on a yearly basis. Although our current list of give back participants is small, we have aspirations to grow this and support a wide range of issues that you care about.

Better pricing:

Tetchy Tech has invested a lot in its people and process. With our commitment to this, we are able to pay higher prices than other companies in the industry. We challenge you to find a company that is willing to pay more than we will. We are still searching, but if they are out there, we want to know about them so we can match it or do better.

Tetchy Tech cares about service:

When you call, we will answer. Every single client of ours is the reason why Tetchy Tech is a success today. No client is too big or too small for us. We will provide the same level of care, service, and attention to each and every client we work with. 

Fast payments:

We know how important cash flow is to business, and that’s why we will go above and beyond to make sure we get you paid for your devices in our quoted time, or in many cases, less time.