Recycle For Good


Tetchy Tech would like to help raise funds for the Children’s Minnesota Shine Bright for Kids event with something of our own. We are doing a drive called #RecycleForGood. Tetchy Tech is in the business of buying and reselling all kinds of mobile electronic devices, with a speciality in cell phones. Instead of raising money in the traditional method of asking for monetary donations, we would like to raise money by asking for you to give back your old and unwanted electronic devices to Children’s. We will evaluate the device based on the model and condition, and then write a check to Children’s for the full fair market value of the device.

To see more what Children’s MN is doing or to donate directly, visit their Shine Bright For Kids event page.


The mission is simple: to collect as many devices as possible and have a large impact on giving back to Children’s in helping with their cause. Even more than providing the very best medical care, there are countless services and comforts that deliver added care and relief to kids and families in the middle of a cancer or blood disorders journey. These special assistances are made imaginable in large part through the Cancer Kids Fund. This fund is generously supported by community members, local businesses and benefit events hosted by or on behalf of Children’s and now device drives like this.


Through our competitive buyback pricing in the wireless industry, Tetchy Tech is committed to changing the way we all think about selling, reusing, and recycling old and unwanted devices. Whether your or organization has older devices that are broken, or newer devices that are only months old, Tetchy Tech is able to buy them and make sure they are recycled or sold again in a responsible manner.For this special drive we have partnered with Children’s Minnesota and the entire value of your turned in devices will be given back to Children’s and go towards the Shine Bright for Kids event, which supports patients and families in their cancer and blood disorders program.


At the heart of Tetchy Tech’s business model, is a pledge to give back to the community. Through our Give Back Program, we have pledged to give back 5% of the value of all consumer trade-ins on our website on a yearly basis. With Children’s being one of the few organizations in the program currently, we are able to have a big impact on supporting them. To learn more about our buyback program please visit


We understand that we can’t make this a success without your support and influence. The success of the #RecycleForGood drive relies on the hands of your efforts, as it is in us facilitating the process. We’re asking for your help in sponsoring a company wide drive at your organization to help collect devices that will make the Shine Bright for Kids Event the most successful drive it can possibly be.


Anything mobile!

  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops

Will all be collected with full market value given directly to Children’s Minnesota. The devices can be broken, working, or even new.


If you're ready to make a difference for Children's Minnesota, we need:

  • The contact person(s) at your organization that is responsible for circulating the information about this drive and collecting the devices
  • The dates that you would be running the drive, it can be as long as you prefer and start as soon as you prefer in order to maximize the impact that the September event will have.