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General Process & Device Related Questions

  1. Will Tetchy Tech pay me for any extra accessories I send?
  2. Why should I choose Tetchy Tech?
  3. Which types of electronics does Tetchy Tech buy?
  4. When does my offer expire?
  5. What is an ESN, IMEI or MEID?
  6. What happens to all the devices Tetchy Tech buys?
  7. What happens if you disagree with the condition or model I select for my item?
  8. What condition is the item in?
  9. What accessories do I need to send with my iPhone?
  10. Is there any cost or obligation to use Tetchy Tech?
  11. Is there a limit on the number of items I can sell to Tetchy Tech at once?
  12. Is my personal information safe with Tetchy Tech?
  13. I can’t find my device on Tetchy.Tech, what should I do?
  14. How to turn off “Find My iPhone” after you have shipped it to Tetchy Tech
  15. How to erase all of your iPhone’s data and settings
  16. How to deactivate Samsung “Find My Mobile” Reactivation Lock before shipping to Tetchy Tech.
  17. How to deactivate “Find My iPhone” before shipping to Tetchy Tech
  18. How does TetchyTech work?
  19. How do I remove my SIM card?
  20. How do I deactivate my phone or other device?
  21. How do I deactivate iMessage so I receive messages on my new phone?
  22. How do I check for water damage on a phone? / Does Tetchy Tech Accept Water Damaged Phones?
  23. Guide to Determining the Condition of Your Item
  24. Does Tetchy Tech purchase phones that have been Lost or Stolen?
  25. Does Tetchy Tech Buy from or Sell to customers outside of the United States?
  26. Does Tetchy Tech buy engraved items?
  27. Does Tetchy Tech accept devices that are locked to a non-listed carrier?
  28. Do you offer extra money if my item has a warranty or extended warranty?
  29. Do I need to remove the SIM card from my phone or iPad?
  30. Can someone sell my phone that was lost or possibly stolen?
  31. Can I still send you things to recycle?
  32. Can I still sell my device if I don’t have all the accessories?
  33. Can I buy or sell in bulk with Tetchy Tech?
  34. Can I add more items to my order after I have checked out?
  35. All items we will purchase are shown on the Tetchy.Tech website.