Guide to Determining the Condition of Your Item

Guide to Determining the Condition of Your Item

It is important to accurately rate the physical and functional condition of your item. These ratings are crucial to helping us meet your expectations.

Fully Working (if all of the following is true):

Everything works
Your iPhone is in great working order with some minor cosmetic signs of wear
Your iPhone has no cracks or missing buttons (power, home, ringer, and/or volume)
Your device is fully functional in all aspects. This includes: buttons, ports, battery, headphone jacks, wifi, bluetooth, touch ID, digitizer, vibrate switch, cameras, and all other hardware of the device.

Broken or Damaged (if any of the following is true):
Does not power on
Broken or cracked LCD screen or glass
Missing buttons (power, home, ringer, volume)
Broken or cracked hardware (charging ports, casing, etc.)
Housing separation beyond the width of a nickel

Device does not turn on, has a cracked or damaged screen, LCD, or body, has any signs of water damage, or any other defects which prevent the hardware from fully functioning.

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