Tetchy Tech is committed to keeping the process of Corporate Buyback simple, saving you time and money. We base our process on transparency and security; allowing you to see the whole picture. You’ll also be supporting local charities that we work with through our Give Back Program!

Tetchy Tech Wholesale

About Us:

Tetchy Tech works with clients both large and small to get them the devices they need, in the condition they need, and at the price they need. Whether you purchase $1,000 from us or $100,000, we are going to give you the same respect and attention you deserve for every order your place.

We work with clients from all regions of the world, ranging from:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Master Dealers
  • MVNO’s
  • Retail Stores
  • Corporations looking to upgrade or sell their old devices


We have team members that are ready to help you get the devices that you need. We can supply you with the devices you need and make sure we respect any deadlines or timelines you may have. Please fill out our contact form below, or for a quicker response, message us on WhatsApp at: 952-451-6860

Flexible Payments:

We accept a variety of payments from our clients, including: bitcoin, PayPal, bank wire transfer, GoldMoney and cash.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, every device we sell goes through a strict testing and labeling process to ensure that our grade is accurate. We understand that our quality sets us apart from our competition. Adhering to this standard will always be part of Tetchy Tech’s process, because we understand that providing you with excellent quality is the best way to grow our business together.

Our Process:

All of our devices go through our processing facility for strict quality control. Each device is tested for full functionality, data-wiped, restored, and labeled with the device specifications and an IMEI/Serial Number barcode.

All functions of every device are thoroughly tested to ensure the correct grading conditions, and the following checks are made:

  • Power On / Charge Device
  • Restore Device
  • Charging Port / Battery
  • Sim Card Reader
  • WiFi Connection
  • iCloud / FMI Lock Off
  • Fingerprint / Touch ID Sensor
  • Home Buttons
  • Volume Buttons
  • Power Button
  • Vibrate Switch / Motor
  • Touchscreen / Digitizer
  • LCD Display
  • Headphone Jack
  • Microphone
  • Ear Piece / Loud Speaker
  • Cameras – Front / Rear
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Cosmetic Assessment
  • Clean ESN and ready to activate

Condition Guidelines

Device has been fully tested to insure it is fully functional in all aspects of the device.

Device has been fully tested to insure it is fully functional in all aspects of the device but suffers from one or more of the following cosmetic issues:

  • Overly damaged cosmetics (housing, bezel, screen)
  • Large dings/dents, obvious bends, large deep screen scratches that impede visibility or if the whole screen is scuffed
  • Loose screen / separation from housing – generally caused by battery bloat
  • Chipped or small cracks on the edge of the glass screen or back
  • Bad charge port, still charges but only “connects” in specific position
  • Inconsistent buttons; they work but sometimes require multiple attempts
  • Apple: LCD Discoloration / Bleeds (white spots / bleeding)
  • Apple: Bad battery capacity; threshold is under 66%

Android only, screen burn-in on the “main portion” of the screen.

  • Burn-in from the keyboard / apps / games
  • “Main portion” is the main viewing area, ignoring any toolbar / top menu screens

Units may have one or more of the following hardware or screen issues that prevent it from being fully functional:

  • Broken buttons; either unresponsive or nearly impossible to use under normal use
  • Cracked screen or back
  • Bad WiFi antenna — unable to connect to WiFi
  • Bad Touch ID / Fingerprint scanner
  • Bad headphone / auxiliary jack; no audio / audio distortion / audio in only 1 channel
  • Bad speaker; no audio or audio distortion
  • Bad charge port; unable to charge / unable to connect to iTunes
  • Bad vibrate; vibrate motor is broken
  • Bad camera – front / back; unresponsive or isn’t recognized, distorted, blurry, or spots on viewfinder
  • Bad battery; device immediately begins draining at an unexpected rate or powers down after removing it from a power source. (non-removable batteries only)
  • Activation / SIM reader issue; device unexpectedly hangs up during activation stage

Unit powers up to a Bad LCD, including:

  • Dead pixels on the LCD screen
  • Discolored lines streaking through the display
  • Bad digitizer; dead spots where touch isn’t recognized or “ghost” touching
  • No display; device powers on but LCD isn’t displaying properly (LCD is blank / black)
  • The glass may be cracked or whole.

No power, including:

  • Device doesn’t power on; even after charging or while connected to a power source
  • Unit does not display any signs of life
  • The LCD of the device may be good or bad, as we are unable to determine status based on the condition of these no power units
  • The glass of the LCD screen may be cracked or whole
  • Boot loop; fails to boot to the home screen
  • Apple recovery mode; after restoring it continues to fail getting out of recovery mode

This condition code consists of units that have a bad ESN or have sort of account lock, such as:

  • Bad ESN (Lost or Financed)
  • iCloud Lock / FMI: Same thing, iCloud locks prevent you from activating the device or if home screened, has customer data and can’t be removed without owners credentials.
  • Samsung lock
  • Google lock

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